Propagation information

On this page:
  1. Atmospheric / Magnetic conditions and solar data
  2. Path calculations and map (MUF / OWF / FoF2 NVIS)
  3. Current activity / spot maps
Apart from the maps and widgets below, the following pages deliver interesting propagation info based on real-time activity:

[1] Atmospheric / magnetic conditions

N0NBH solar data

Info on how to interpret the data by N0NBH: pdf file

Solar & geomagnetic conditions

Solar wind

Click here for: solar wind animated

Space Weather Outlook

27-day Space Weather Outlook Table

[2] Current activity overview

PSK Reporter map

HRD Log activity map

[3] Path calculations / visualisations


Realtime HamCap map from Germany - DX-Propagation at DF0CG/DR1A

F5LEN predictions

Propagation to selected grid per band from PH0NO

Recommended HF frequencies (Paris)

Near Real-Time 3000KM MUF map

Near-Real-Time MUF Map (with SSN & A-index)

Ionospheric map - critical freq (NVIS)

foF2: the highest frequency which the ionosphere will reflect vertically.

Near Real-Time NVIS Critical Frequency map

Some interesting HRDLog links

Last week's logged contacts from continent to continent per hour of the day