PH0NO activities

List of my /P and special event activities

DateContestCallClassTeamResultBlog posts
2017PACCPC55CMOST YNOMY 1st PlaceExperiences and results
2016PACCPA55AMOSTYNOMY1st PlacePACC results
Contest experiences
2015PACCPE55EMOSTYNOMY2nd Place Results visualised
Contest experiences
2014PACCPI4ANH MOSTYNOMY6th PlaceResults from the contest
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Special events / expeditions / special calls
DateCallEventBlog posts
May 2017LX44FFLX-pedition weekend by YNOMY  - activating several new WWFF LXFF nature reserves under a special call.YNOMY LX-pedition
Dec 2016 -
Dec 2017
P*44FFTurning 44 at the end of 2016 with 44 being a special number in the WWFF program I decided to use several P*44FF calls for a year while activating PAFF locationsSpecial 44 calls for PAFF activities
May 2015 PH45FREE
Since May 1945 we have enjoyed 70 years of freedom in our country. We celebrated this in May 2015 with 9 special stations. Organised by YNOMY with the support of PA1WBU, PA3BAS, PA3FYG, PB7Z, PE1BVQ & PE4BAS. 70 years of freedom SES

May 2013Ooijpolder & Millingerwaard - PAFF-048Vertical wire (EFHW) and 250W1,5h4720JA, 8700km
May 2013Kootwijk - PAFF-035Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 250W2,5h23535R9, 4800km
April 2013Schoorlse Duinen - PAFF-062Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 250W1,5h13133W8, 6500km
April 2013Duinen bij Bergen - PAFF-050Vertical wire (EFHW) and 250W1,5h10427R9, 3600km
April 2013Loenermark - PAFF-053Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 250W3,5h27240JA, 9300km
Feb 2013Loonse en Drunense Duinen - PAFF-006 and castle Loon op Zand PA-00042Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2,5h20535YV, 7900km
Feb 2013Deelerwoud - PAFF-055Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 90W2,5h19638W8, 6400km
Jan 2013Castle Kinkelenburg PA-00130Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 90W2,5h10532EX, 5100km
Dec 2012Strabrecht - PAFF-058Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 90W2,5h15833W3, 6300km
Dec 2012Zuidlaardermeergebied - PAFF-065Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h6324VK5, 15800km
Dec 2012Utrechtse Heuvelrug, PAFF-018 and Castle Maarsbergen PA-00110Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 80W2h18533W2, 5900km
Nov 2012Enbertsdijksvenen, PAFF-047Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 75W2h18029PY1, 9500km
Nov 2012Planken Wambuis, PAFF-067Vertical wire (EFHW) & inv. V, 90W2h12931PY2, 9800km
Nov 2012Boswachterij Dorst, PAFF-051Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h15332JA, 9200km
Nov 2012Boswachterij Sleenerzand, PAFF-061Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2,5h20932PY1, 9500km
Nov 2012Planken Wambuis, PAFF-067Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h10725W0, 7300km
Oct 2012Buurserzand & Haaksbergseveen, PAFF-056Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h9920R9, 3600km
Oct 2012Loenermark, PAFF-053Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h14531YV, 8200km
Oct 2012Ugchelen Hoenderloo, PAFF-069Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h17331W4, 6900km
Oct 2012Bergherbos, PAFF-060Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h15432JA, 9200km
Oct 2012Deelerwoud, PAFF-055Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h8824JA, 9200km
Sep 2012Slot Zuylen, PA-00114Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h6025W2, 6100km
Sep 2012Loire Anjou Touraine, FFF-049 and Castle Langeais F-05272Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W3h15435YB, 11900km
Aug 2012Castle Heemstede II, PA-00742Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h7325JA, 9300km
Aug 2012Castle Rosendael, PA-01487Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h6322R9, 5100km
Aug 2012Castle Wageningen, PA-01793Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h8025W1, 5100km
July 2012Causses du Quercy, FFF-081Vertical wire (EFHW) and 75W2,5h18732HZ, 4800km
July 2012De Biesbosch, PAFF-002Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1h9526JA, 8700km
June 2012Bargerveen, PAFF-041Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1,5h10330YB, 11500km
May 2012Odoorn Boswachterij, PAFF-046Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W100m13331W4, 6700km
April 2012Veluwezoom, PAFF-019Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W100m8528R9, 5000km
April 2012Dwingelerveld, PAFF-013Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W1,5h10928R9, 5000km
March 2012Fochteloƫrveen, PAFF-039Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W2h15536JA, 9100km
March 2012Huitebuersterbƻtenpolder, PAFF-036Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W1,5h8924R9, 4800km
March 2012Utrechtse Heuvelrug, PAFF-018Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W70m7222R9, 5000km
March 2012Leende, PAFF-034Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W80m11828R9, 5000km
Feb 2012Sallandse Heuvelrug, PAFF-016Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W2,5h14029W1, 6000km
Feb 2012Oostvaardersplassen, PAFF-032Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W2,5h17031W4, 7000km
Jan 2012Oostvaardersplassen, PAFF-032Vertical wire (EFHW) and 80W2h14131W0, 7000km
Jan 2012Twickel, PAFF-030Vertical wire (EFHW) and 80W2h13829VE5, 6700km
Dec 2011Kootwijk, PAFF-035Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W1h5222W7, 8700km
Dec 2011Duinen Vogelenzang, PAFF-040Vertical wire (EFHW) and 85W2h13332VE5, 6700km
Dec 2011Speulder en Sprielderbos, PAFF-031Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W2h12129VE5, 6700km
Nov 2011Arkemheen, PAFF-044Vertical wire (EFHW) and 90W3h24238W7, 8700km
Oct 2011Nunspeet, PAFF-033Vertical wire (EFHW) and 75W5h22843PY, 9600km
Oct 2011Terletse Heide, PAFF-042Vertical wire (EFHW) and 70W2,5h22735BD, 8800km
Sep 2011Utrechtse Heuvelrug, PAFF-018Vertical wire (EFHW) and 70W1,5h9221R9, 3800km
Aug 2011De Hoge Veluwe, PAFF-005Vertical wire (EFHW) and 75W3h16835VE, 5000km
July 2011Parc du Verdon, FFF-034Vertical wire (EFHW) and 70W90m6415R9, 4700km
July 2011Veluwezoom, PAFF-019Vertical wire (EFHW) and 5W1,5h10724R9, 3500km
July 2011Veluwezoom, PAFF-019Vertical wire (EFHW) and 5W45m4820VE, 5000km
June 2011Lauwersmeer, PAFF-014Vertical wire (EFHW) and 5W3h15433JA, 9000km