Saturday, July 2, 2011

Activating near home: PAFF-019

Veluwezoom - PAFF-019

After the experience at PAFF-014 I decided to try and activate Veluwezoom, PAFF-019. I took my FT-817 and a LiFePo battery with me. First I tried my new AlexLoop but did not get any response on my calls. Then I put up my Spieth mast with an end fed wire (by HyEndFed) for 20m. This gave me a couple of replies at first with a lot of QSB. It turned out conditions were rather poor. 

After a few minutes however more and more OM's found their way to my calling frequency. This time a milder pile up than @ PAFF-014 but still a nice steady stream of contacts. Conditions seemed to decline so I quit after only 45 minutes of activity. Total amount of logged contacts is 48 from 20 different DXCC entities this time. There was one VE station that made it through the European pile up.

Although I did not have my log with me (only took a few blank sheets to log new calls) I recognized a number of callsigns from the activation of PAFF-014 last Monday.

I will return to the Veluwezoom when I find the time and conditions are a bit better.

73, 44


  1. TNX for contact with PAFF 033
    73s' maico HB9OAE 44s'

    i love wff award

  2. Grazie Maico!
    Hope to meet you @ the next activation.
    73 / 44 - Lars, PH0NO