Friday, April 27, 2012

PAFF 019 - Veluwezoom

Terrible conditions on the third visit
This morning I was over at Veluwezoom for the third time. A beautiful park just around the corner where I live. I had found a good operating spot on a hill with trees to one side and a nice view to the other side.

View from the operating spot
The weather was quite alright with clouds and sun. The same cannot be said about the radio conditions. The high bands were almost closed (some whispers) and 20m and 40m were lousy with low signal levels and QSB.

Apart from the conditions the timing might also play a role in the lower activity level. Normally I am active at the end of the day. This time I was active at the end of the morning.

Sunny spells @ PAFF-019

On 20m I worked 75 stations in just under 90 minutes. On 40m I worked only a handful of OMs. QSB was very strong and after 15 minutes I decided to call it a day.

In total I worked 85 stations from 28 DXCCs in 100 minutes of radio time. Maximum QRB was set by an OM from RV9 to 5000km. Only Luciano, I5FLN came by on both bands.

Thanks for stopping by.
Lars, PH0NO/P

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