Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PAFF activity fighting geomagnetic storm

This morning I had time off while A en K values were rather alarming (54 and 5 respectively). My opportunities to go out for a longer stretch of time /P are limited so even when conditions are predicted to be bad I still have a go.

I took my hexbeam and mobile amp to see if I could work some stations anyway. I went out to PAFF-0060 as it is not too far away and has an open area where I know I can set up the hexbeam.

Hexbeam at the sunny PAFF-0060

My new temporary call sign (PC44FF) is only valid from April 1st, so it was back to PH0NO/P again.

The weather was absolutely brilliant but band conditions were really poor. There was a lot of QSB and absolutely no DX to be found. Through the VKFF FB page I had two VK's checking on their end but not a chance. Europe was not too strong but there were enough chasers around to keep me busy.

C-pole antenna for 40m

Before going home I checked 40m for local skip using my C-Pole antenna. There was quite a pile-up for half an hour. 

All in all I logged 152 calls from 33 DXCC (85 on 20m, 2 on 17m, 65 on 40m) with 6 park-to-park contacts in 2 hours actually behind the radio. R9 was at 5000km the odx of the day. 

Next time I hope my timing is better.


  1. Looking good Lars sorry i missed you , but great to see this with your Hexbeam . 73' 44 Jan PD3JAG.

    1. Next time we'll try again - probably as PC44FF in april.

  2. Cool Blog 73 DJ6OI

    1. Danke Thomas! Auch ein Hexbeambenutzer sehe ich. Eine tolle Antenne.
      73, Lars

  3. Hallo ja aber nicht Portable.. to much work :) passt ja auch nicht immer bei schwierigen Location ..aber ein Super setup! Ich höre dich leider selten wir sind zu dicht zusammen 73 Thomas