Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Portable in OZ and meeting the OZFF team

Usually I spend my summer holidays in the south of Europe. This year however we opted for a trip north to OZ for a stay of three weeks on two campites. 

So far - a couple of days on our first campsite - we have been blessed with Mediterranean weather and a view over the sea (Kattegat).

View over the Kattegat (IR photo)

As always I managed to squeeze some radio gear, wires and an antenna pole between all the camping stuff (amazing how many items it takes to transform a family of four into happy campers). 

I have decided not to set up my station on the camping itself for various reasons. For one I am not a fan of digital modes (and living in a tent, phone is not an option) and the OZ campsites are far more organised than I am used to with neatly arranged places so that it would be impossible to keep the station low profile, especially as there are no trees around - only hedges.

Instead I will go out portable for a good number of hours at least once from each campsite. I am aiming to activate two OZFF nature reserves each time - so at least four in total. One will be on the shore of a body of salt water. I am curious if that will help me get my signal out.

Discussing my ideas with the OZFF coordinator and longtime fellow WWFF-er Jakob OZ7AEI, it turned out his holiday plans meant we would be relatively close together on two occasions. So we aimed for a radio-active meet-up.

Getting more specific we have planned a joint operation on Sunday evening July 22 from OZFF-0098. It looks like another member of the OZFF team - Finn OZ3FI - will join as well.
I will start off activating a nearby nature reserve first (OZFF-0100) in the afternoon.

Looking forward to meeting these fellow WWFF enthusiasts and adding OZ to my activity list.


  1. Hallo Lars, kijk dat is het mooiste wat er is een samenwerking met lokale FF enthousiastelingen. Zelf ben ik zomers nooit zo aktief maar zal fb in de gaten houden, tenminste als je daar op aankondigt wanneer je activatie is. Heel anders als zuid europa, daarom gaan wij het liefst naar Denemarken. In het zuiden altijd warm, dor, druk op toeristische plaatsen en chaos. Denemarken is wat dat betreft wat netter, redelijk weer en rustgevend. Veel plezier en ik hoop je te werken. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Lars, ik ben heel benieuwd wat je ervaring zal zijn aan de kust. Zondag probeer ik, net als Bas, ook QRV te zijn op hf en hou FB in de gaten.
    Fijne vakantie en veel DX, 73 Hans, PE1BVQ