Sunday, December 9, 2012

HexBeam experiences

More results from working with the portable HexBeam

Apart from the first testing day I have now been out and active with the portable HexBeam by DL1ELU three times. Once during CQWW (when I used the 10m yagi most of the time) and two Wednesday mornings - which are my moments off with both of my kids going to school now.

I am getting quicker in setting up and folding the beam. I still have not completely solved the skewing of the spreaders but that is mainly due to lack of time (I rather get the antenna up and start working with it than work on it).

The antenna has brought a number of new DXCCs and / or new band DXCCs. The first time I worked ZL1 - to my surprise - and JA4 and JA5.  During CQWW I worked the west coast of the US and Canada and some Caribbean Islands (9Y, PJ2, VP5). Then on Nov 21 I worked LU2, JA5 (long path) and ZD7. Two weeks later I worked 5T0 on two bands, ZD7 on a new band and VK2 long path. All with 80-90 watts from my FT-857d.

HexBeam by DL1ELU @ 12m (40ft) on a Wednesday morning
Keeping in mind that I am only active in a short time frame - I only have 3 hours in which I have to load the car, drive to a suitable location, set up all the stuph, do some radio-activity (<2h), break it all up, get it back home and unload the car in time to pick up the kids - I am pleased with the results.

I tried ZL9 last time but with the limited amount of time I have, I am not comfortable spending too much time hunting down one station, especially when there are crazy pile-ups. So I let it be.

Another challenge is the attention I generate with my call sign (including /P) from chasers of the various Flora and Fauna awards. When I call CQ - even when I specify "DX only" - people assume I am working from a nature reserve. If I am not careful I will generate an EU pile-up while chasing new DXCCs...


  1. Hallo Lars,

    Toch prachtige resultaten met de Hexbeam.
    Petje af dat je dat allemaal doet binnen 3 uur tijd.

    73 de Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Ha Hans,
      Het is eigenlijk gekkenwerk. Maar ja, zonder goede antenna @ home moet je toch wat. Dit gaat vast wel weer over als ik een aantal weken verder ben en er niet veel nieuwe meer te vinden zijn.
      Dan wordt dit de antenne voor langere /P expedities en voor contests.
      73, Lars.