Friday, July 29, 2016

First VEFF activity planned - VEFF-0158 on Aug 1

After meeting up with family, we are now on Manitoulin Island. There are 3 VEFF reserves on the island. One is near to where I am staying: VEFF-0158 Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park. 

Today I went over to check the area out. It is difficult to reach over off-road tracks and will require me to walk the last bit - as the track stays on the edge of the reserve.

After a few km's of gravel road, the last bit is even more off-road.

I counted on this though and bought a car battery from Canadian Tyre on my way to the island. Now I only need to find a proper tree for the antennas and some shadow. 

The weekend we will be spending enjoying a native's festival. If all goes well my first activation will take place on Monday Aug 1 from around 20h UTC.


  1. Hallo Lars, mooie omgeving, hopelijk veel hoge bomen anders ga je je gfk mast nog missen hi. Veel succes met de geplande activaties en geniet van je vakantie.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

  2. Hello Lars
    It was a pleasure working you on 40 meters from Manitou Island on August 1st.
    Enjoyed the qso.
    Hope your had a wonderful time with the family and safe returns back to the Netherlands.
    Look for you on 20 meters.
    Best 73.
    Wayne WW8A