Monday, August 5, 2019

FFFs during my summer holiday

During my summer holiday in France I was radio-active from various FFF locations - six in total. I usually visit four parks in two /P days out but conveniently this year both campsites we stayed on were inside nature reserves.

I have not made that many QSOs from the campsites as (1) it was by times too hot to do anything, (2) I was in a tent where my favorite mode phone gets annoying for the surrounding quickly and (3) my family expects me to socialise with them in stead of other hams.
We stayed a bit longer in the Dordogne region so I was on the air from that campsite a few times.

In total I logged 805 QSOs from 43 DXCC on 20 and 40 meter:
  • FFF-0031 Park National La Brenne (campsite) - 85 QSO FT8/CW/SSB
  • FFF-1167 Natura 2000 La Brenne - 144 QSO SSB
  • FFF-0057 Vallee de l'Anglin - 126 QSO SSB
  • FFF-2352 Basin de la Dordogne (campsite) - 194 QSO FT8/CW/SSB
  • FFF-2568 Vallée de la Vézère - 121 QSO CW/SSB
  • FFF-2570 Vallées des Beunes - 135 QSO CW/SSB
Eight OMs made it to all the locations: EA3EVL, EA7YT, OM1AX, ON4ON, PD7YY, S58AL, SP8LEP, YL2TQ.

DX was hard to find. Dov 4Z4DX made it a couple of times but from the other end only KD1CT made it across once and only barely so. I tried to get Chuck KO4SB in the log but there was no way - not even a CW whisper heard on both ends. Summer season in a solar minimum is not my favorite time as ham (as holiday maker though..). Luckily there was some sporadic E to create a bit of local fun with signals popping up and strong skips to specific areas.

Convenient picknick table in FFF-0057
In the shadow at a lake in FFF-1167 
Bit of walking required to get into the woods at FFF-2568
FFF-2570 was easy to activate once I found this parking area 


  1. Toch mooi dat je wat aan de hobby kon doen op vakantie. Condities zijn inderdaad voor DX erg slecht zoals altijd in de zomer. Een dikke 800 QSO is toch zeker niet slecht. Bedankt voor het QSO. 73, Bas

    1. Ja was leuk om je te treffen Bas. Altijd leuk om bekenden te werken. IK heb voor mijn doen bizar veel uren ge-radio-d in mei/juni/juli. Ik merk dat het tijd wordt voor wat betere condities. Ben wel aan wat meer DX toe voor de afwisseling.