Sunday, July 15, 2012

Radio-active from France

Temporary shack @ department Lot (46)

Just like last year I have decided to take my radio stuff with me on holiday. Provided I take on all family duties (i.e. no 24/7 operation) the Station Manager (aka Internal Affairs) has OK-ed this.

I am never sure how people will react to a radio station on their camp site so I keep a low profile. The shack is in or around the tent (using a laptop and digital modes) and the antenna is behind it - just look at the zoomed in pictures behind the tent: my tried and trusted half wave end fed is up in the trees again.
Innocent camping set-up

There is something in that tree there...?

... oh no, it's the HyEndFed end fed wire

Using fishing line I can take down the antenna and change the wire to move to a different band.

Already worked a number of EU stations and several DX stations (JA, CX, CE, PT) on 10m and 20m on PSK.

In about a weeks time I will go over to a nearby nature park that is on the WFF list and has not been activated before: Causses de Quercy (FFF-081). Still have to find a nice low profile spot as I am not sure I have the necessary permit papers with me.

If you see anything like F/PH0NO/P on your waterfall - give me a shout.

73, Lars - F/PH0NO/P

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